Workspaces and volunteering opportunities at LJ WORKS

All of our spaces are aimed at local start up businesses, who would like to swap their kitchen tables for a dedicated workspace. We believe by having your own workspace, it will help you focus on growing your business, give you opportunities to share your journey with other small businesses and help you achieve work life balance. 

Meanwhile Space are managing LJ Works for the first 7 years, but several of the spaces and volunteer opportunities are managed directly by our tenants. Attached below are the list of spaces and opportunities we offer at LJ Works:

:  Studios/ offices and the shared Textile hub in The Front Building are managed by Meanwhile space.

: Workshops in The Rear Building are managed by Meanwhile Space.

: Rentable kitchens, Co-working spaces and Event spaces in The Rear Building are managed by Mission Kitchen.

: If you want to volunteer in the LJ Farm, please contact them to find out about their available sessions.   



Studio Offices


The studio offices are located in The Front Building of LJ Works. These spaces range from 7 sqm to 17 sqm.


Shared Textile hub



Private and shared kitchens

Rentable kitchens by hour or on a lease. 


Co- working / Events

Co-working desks for local businesses, with a particular focus on food businesses. The space can also be hired out for events.