The activities suggested below are intended to strengthen co-operation and collaboration between tenants, reduce isolation, increase dialogue and trust, and showcase the pride we have for our community whilst inspiring this in others. For Tenants and the wider Loughborough Junction community to take full advantage of these benefits we are requesting that each tenant undertakes two units of community activity per year.


Skill Share Sessions involve an event focused on one specific topic, with a plan, an organised contributor, schedule, activity, and if necessary, supplies. Skill Share sessions can be hosted online or in person. A Skill Share is simply a way for tenants to share and showcase skills with each other.


Marcus Lipton work with local youth to provide a strong foundation of therapeutic development, creative expression, key life skills and core communication skills, opening progression routes into extended support networks, training and employment. Could you host a workshop partnership to that supports them in assisting local youth to build positive, sustainable relationship with the community, and create opportunities to fulfil their full potential? 


Please share any volunteering opportunities that may be of interest to our community to