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The LJ Works Community Giveback Scheme is an opportunity for studio/workshop and fixed-desk businesses who benefit from below-market rents to share their skills and energy. Everyone who takes a space at LJ Works is required to at minimum organise one event for local people or businesses per year or volunteer for 6 hours with a local organisation. 


Businesses who apply for space at LJ Works can use the application form to propose their community giveback idea in line with their own skills and interests. The proposal will then be discussed at interview and a final version appended to the lease of successful candidates.

Ideas for events could include: 




Skill-share session 

Business showcase 

Social event 

Work experience opportunity 

Performance / exhibition 


Meanwhile Space staff can support LJ Works members to develop their ideas, but members are expected to lead on promotion, organisation and delivery.

Volunteering opportunities could include: 


Loughborough Farm 

Pro-bono work for early stage businesses 


Brixton Soup Kitchen 

Friends of Loughborough Park (litter picking) 

Friends of Wyck Gardens (litter picking) 

LJ Works projects (eg mural, making outdoor furniture)

These lists are in no way exhaustive and everyone is encouraged to think creatively about their own skills and what they would like to offer.  


The ambition is that the Community Giveback scheme should provide opportunities across Loughborough Junction for collaboration, making connections, nurturing, sharing skills and experiences, growing networks, and building resilience, and that it should act as a showcase for Loughborough Junction’s talent, entrepreneurialism and creativity.  

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